DIY Homemade OxiClean Recipe!

DIY homemade oxiclean recipe!DIY Homemade OxiClean Recipe!

Materials needed

1 part sodium percarbonate
1 part sodium carbonate
1 part baking soda
1 part hydrogen peroxide (3-5% solution)
1 part any detergent or dish soap

Add to at least 10-20 or more parts warm or very warm water – minimum (at least double the above equal part ingredients listed, even for surface or spot cleaning!)
A small amount of the above ingredients goes a long way.  For example, adding only 1/4 cup of each of the above ingredients to your wash is typically far more than what is actually needed to clean your whites!

*Of course you can leave out the sodium percarbonate, however you will get much better results using it!  But without it, you will still get good results.  Just keep in mind however that the original OxiClean recipe uses sodium percarbonate as it’s primary ingredient!  Essentially you are making the real deal OxiClean at home, minus some surfactants and fragrances.


1. Ready a water solution in the sink or washer by filling with warm or very warm water.  You can choose to use hot water, but hot water can be damaging to some materials, fabrics, plastics, glass, etc.

2. Add your ingredients one at a time and stir, mix or agitate until dissolved in appropriately.

3. Remember, not much is needed!  If you are doing a full load of laundry, adding 1/4-1/2 cup of each of the listed ingredients is more than sufficient to clean your whites or other such.  Always be aware of the bleaching power of hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate and adjust your amounts accordingly.  Of course, extremely soiled materials or dirty materials, larger washing or soaking batches of water, etc may call for using a bit more of the cleaning materials.  Simply add more accordingly by volume.

And that’s it!  Simply use as you would regular Oxiclean and you should get amazing results!

If you’re having trouble sourcing the materials, you can find them here:

Sodium percarbonate –
Sodium carbonate –
Baking soda – (Should be able to easily source at any local store for very cheap!)
Hydrogen peroxide – (Ultra pure and powerful cleaning solution.  *Dilute to 3-5% using water before use in this or many recipes!)

If you’re looking to simply purchase Oxiclean and want none of the hassle, you can find Oxiclean here:

*You can find more on diluting your hydrogen peroxide here:

For a fast and helpful method on how to use your homemade Oxiclean, look here:

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