Excellent Gun Barrel Cleaning Tool!

Excellent Gun Barrel Cleaning Tool

Excellent Gun Barrel Cleaning Tool!

The most important part of your firearm to keep clean is the barrel:
The barrel is where the heat, friction, powder detonation, fouling and the like all take place. In order to keep the barrel appropriately clean to prevent malfunctions, jams, reduced muzzle energy, accuracy and the like or even at times “stovepiping” due to poor extraction, one must somewhat laboriously use traditional cleaning kits, rods, brushes, patches, etc. to keep things clean and functioning. However there is a much more efficient alternative to all of that – the bore snake.

A bore snake is an expanded cloth rope like device with an “oil patch” section, brass scrubber and swab all built into one unit. You simply add a bit of barrel cleaner (for cleaner and more effective results) such as Hoppe’s #9 to the front area of the bore snake, open the action, lock or hold the bolt open, pass the pull string through the barrel and pull it through. It cleans the barrel in one swipe. For more heavy fouling, you just pull the snake through several times for a completely thorough cleaning, slow on the first pull and faster on the next couple of pulls. No more cleaning kits, parts laying about, no more stashing cleaning rods or even losing them. The bore snake is a small, lightweight, easily rolled up and packed, unobtrusive piece of equipment that will do the job of many objects or an entire cleaning kit.

A perfect device for everything from emergency and survival situations to open combat or even simply practicing and having fun at the range with friends. It’s an easier, simpler and far more efficient alternative to complex cleaning processes. A great gift for anyone with a firearm (since everyone should have one!) and a perfect addition to any “bugout”, emergency-survival or firearm gear kit!

The bore snake is available in every caliber and can be used on ALL types of firearms.

You can find the Hoppe’s BoreSnake here:
Shotguns- http://amzn.to/1FDI3iZ
Rifle calibers- http://amzn.to/1VrkU4R
Pistol calibers- http://amzn.to/1M1j0D6

For more information on firearms, cleaning and repair manuals, conversion information and other important bits of firearm knowledge, you can find our Firearm Manuals Collection here:

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