How To Press And Preserve Leaves

How To Press and Preserve LeavesHow To Press And Preserve Leaves

1. Cover your ironing board with an old cloth so you do not damage your ironing board.

2. Place your leaves between 2 sheets of waxed paper and place on the protected ironing board.

3. Use another old cloth rag to cover the leaves/wax paper.

4. Place your iron on a high setting – do NOT use steam.

5. Gently and slowly pin everything (the cloths and wax papers holding the leaves) in place. Even using a form of clamp(s) on the edge of the ironing board would be a good idea. Do not contact them with the iron however. Either method will hold your wax paper, leaves and cloths in place so the leaves do not shift or fold.

6. Carefully run the iron slowly over the cloth in one direction away from your hand or the clamps holding everything in place. The heat will transfer through the cloth and to the wax paper slowly, sealing them together.

7. Once the wax papers are somewhat fused and will not shift about, press the iron down firmly over each leaf for approximately 4 or 5 seconds. You can lift the top cloth to check on your positioning or the condition of the leaves.

8. You will see the leaves more clearly as the wax fully melts and seals around the leaves.

9. When you are happy with the condition or look of things, you can then cut out the leaves for use or storing.

10. Always leave just a bit of extra space around the leaf so the wax paper seal will remain.

Tip: If you are not going to be pressing and preserving your leaves right away store them in a zip-lock bag and place them in the refrigerator – never freeze. Be sure to blow into the bag before sealing it – the carbon dioxide will help the leaves stay fresh.

For those who want an easy and fast way to press flowers and leaves, you can find a microwave flower and leaf press here that does the work for you:

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