How To Remove Labels & Other Sticky Stuff The Easy Way!

How To Remove Labels and Other Sticky Stuff The Easy Way!How To Remove Labels & Other Sticky Stuff The Easy Way!

Having trouble with gunk or labels that just can’t be removed from new or used dishes or bottles?  Looking to spend less than hours worth of your time peeling and scraping by hand, even after soaking or using soap?  If you’re attempting to use or reuse containers or bottles but are having trouble removing the labels or sticky stuff attached to them, here is an extremely simple method to remove all of the annoying stuff from your chosen items with none of the work or hassle typically associated with the process:

Materials you’ll need:

Kitchen or utility sink
30 minutes of time


1. Fill your sink with warm or very warm water (the warmer the better, but do NOT use hot water as this can be bad for many bottles, plastics or some fragile items!).

2. Toss in one heaping scoop of Oxiclean and stir with a spoon, bottle, etc until fully dissolved.

3. Place any item that needs a label or sticker material removed into the Oxiclean / water solution.

4. Wait 30 minutes.

5. When you return, the gunk will be floating at the edges of the water and the stickers will be floating about in the solution.  Simply wipe the bottles off if necessary or wash &/or rinse as usual and you’re ready to use your now fully degunked or delabeled items!

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