Natural Anxiety Remedies

Natural Anxiety RemediesNatural Remedies For Anxiety

Taking the following in the form of a tea, supplement, etc, will help greatly in calming, lifting the mood, relieving one from depression and even aid one in sleeping and physically relaxing if under a great deal of physical or emotional stress. These herbs are well known and have a very long history, in the thousands of years, of use for this purpose and are still used for such on a regular basis!

Choose only one and stick with that to make once daily for a week to two weeks and see if you improve. If you do not get much of an affect from one, give yourself a day or two then switch to another and see how it works out for you. Chances are you are going to find at least one, if not all, are very effective at keeping anxiety at bay.  However, use each for only up to two weeks at a time and give yourself a few days in between for the body to balance, clean and adjust as is required before resuming use, since many of these substances are also removing toxins and providing essential nutrients needed for big improvements within the body.

Licorice should be taken for only up to two weeks at a time like the others, but then one should stop or avoid taking licorice root tea for one to two weeks at a time in intervals.

Lemon Balm –
Motherwort –
Licorice –
St Johns Wort –
Lavender –
Valerian –
Chamomile –
Scullcap –

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