Natural Ladybug Deterrents

Natural Ladybug DeterrentsNatural Ladybug Deterrents

Normally when there is a ladybug infestation in your home they are either simply trying to escape the cold or they are actually eating and therefore getting rid of certain pests that you cannot see around the window frames, door frames, etc. However, they can become a real problem just by numbers alone if left unchecked.

Cloves, bay leaves, citronella, lemon, citrus scents, etc (both the real thing and the essential oils) can deter them. Adding a bit of any of the above in essential oil form to a spray bottle filled with water and a touch of dish soap and spraying around window and door frames will generally deter them from returning. And remember to get your basement windows as well!

Lemon essential oil:

Diatomaceous Earth is even better. If you dust it around your windows, doors and outside around the foundation of your home, it helps to keep them away. Using a “pest pistol” is a great way to get a fine and even amount of DE where you need it to go.

Diatomaceous Earth:
The “Pest Pistol”:

Now, getting rid of them in the first place however should be delicate work, minding not to harm the ladybugs as much as possible since they are actually very beneficial.


Simply vacuum them up with a Dyson or similar vacuum and pour them out into the garden, bushes, trees, etc where they can continue to get rid of pests. Immediately apply your deterrent(s).

You can also simply brush them with a soft paintbrush or similar tool into a bucket or container in order to carry them outdoors. From there, spray your scents or even better yet diatomaceous Earth at the important entrances for them around your home.

Following these directions should keep the beneficial ladybugs where they belong!

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