Natural Remedies for Dog and Cat Asthma

Natural Remedies For Dog and Cat Asthma
Natural Remedies for Dog and Cat Asthma

Natural remedies are certainly the way to go since they will not have the negative side effects associated with steroids or other less desirable and even organ damaging alternatives.

If your dog or cat is very bad off or cannot breath, please make sure you take them to a vet for a basic x-ray. Otherwise, if they are having mild or controllable asthma symptoms, there are many ways to go about dealing with the problem and one herbal remedy in particular that will nearly always do the trick:

Here are some things to consider first:
1. Make sure the air is clean and fresh. The use of a HEPA air cleaner or similar, opening windows to air things out, the use of an ozonator from time to time to clean allergens from the air (or the continual use of a very low concentration ozonator), a good and balanced diet with as few colorants, hydrogenated items or the like as possible and regular exercise are of course first and foremost.

2. From there, it is a good idea to start adding a bit of extra virgin coconut oil to their diet to be sure they are getting enough nutrients appropriate to their internal membrane tissues.

3. An excellent and pet friendly herbal aid to lung disorders as well as allergies or the buildup of too much mucus in the lungs due to stress or irritation (the primary form of dog or cat asthma) is “elecampane”.

Only a very small amount is used, particularly for smaller animals.

Whenever there is a lung problem, you can use 1 drop of elecampane tincture in some water for cats and small dogs, or up to 7-10 drops in some water for full size dog breeds (approx. 1 drop per 10lbs) and feed it to your dog or cat by spoon, small cup, syringe, etc orally.

Remember, only one drop per 10lbs of body weight in water.

You will want to also give your dog or cat fresh water afterward as well to thoroughly send it through the tissues and to fully hydrate the animal’s system for full effectiveness. A small amount of water is enough, but if they want to drink from their dish afterward, certainly let them.

Comfort and calm them and make sure there is fresh enough air available and the elecampane should do the rest from there.

Be certain that there are no other ingredients or herbs with the elecampane however, as many products contain other herbs that can alter or diminish the effects of the elecampane in some cases. You can find a pure and inexpensive elecampane tincture here:

4. Please keep an eye on your dog or cat for any allergic reactions or the like, however this is the tried and true herb used in nearly every case for natural asthma solutions.

Now, there is one more underlying reason for asthma in animals that is quite important:

1. Lack of red blood cell production or poor oxygen uptake. This is somewhat easily remedied by freeze dried chicken liver treats. We highly recommend these for any and every dog (or even cat and ferret) for energy and health. They are actually a necessity in most cases thanks to modern pet diets. One small piece daily for a cat or small dog and up to several treats daily for a full sized dog breed should be more than sufficient. Do not exceed this amount of the freeze dried liver however, as the large amount of vitamin A (liver is extremely high in iron and vit A) will become a bit excessive otherwise. Keeping things low, such as one crushed up piece with food a couple of times per week will keep things proper and keep anemia and several other disorders from coming into being as well in any case.

You can find freeze dried chicken liver here:

Keep in mind that the freeze dried liver is simply a vitamin-mineral option and does not interfere or conflict with use of elecampane or other herbs. However, make sure that you do not mix herbs if you are planning on using options other than the elecampane or your chosen herb.

One other useful option for pet asthma or other lung disorders is “Pet Alive Amazapet” herbal tablets found here:

While these work quite well, we do not believe that the solid tablets have the potency and absorption immediacy that elecampane has for an actual asthma attack and so we recommend elecampane tincture more highly in such cases. However, these do work quite well for most lung disorders and for keeping asthma or asthma attacks at bay long term. So these tablets are the next recommendation to aid in helping your best friend and family member live a happier life.

Amazapet contains elecampane (in lower concentrations), it also contains marshmallow root and magnesium-phosphorus salts. All extremely beneficial and healthy materials for the lungs and against asthma conditions!

If your dog or cat continues to exhibit symptoms even when elecampane or other options are used, you will want to take them to the vet as it may be a more physical problem causing the airway to be obstructed and a routine x-ray can let you know what that problem is. However, in most cases it is simply asthma and the proper diet, fresh air, exercise and an herbal remedy will take care of things just fine.

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