Perfect Spot Remover

9-10-14 Perfect Spot Remover

Perfect Spot Remover

By mixing one part plain liquid dish soap, with two parts 3% hydrogen peroxide, you have an ideal spot remover. Pour it directly on the stain and watch it disappear like magic. If it’s a big stain on a large garment, you can just mix a cup or two of the same and add it to a bucket of hot water and just dunk the entire garment in. This works on almost any stain and will even get rid of chocolate, red wine, and barbecue sauce.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide has infinite uses around the home and is one of the most valuable and effective substances overall. From cleaning the home itself to cleaning wounds or being used as a gargle, H2O2 can clean just about anything.

35% food grade hydrogen peroxide:
1 gallon –
6 gallons –

Dilute your 35% hydrogen peroxide 1 part hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with just over 5.5 parts water for a strong solution that ends up being a touch over 3%. Use this diluted H2O2 for cleaning or mix as above for spot and stain removal.

Simple overall home cleaning solution:

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