Rich pine is one of the best fire starters to have in a survival kit.

9-29-14 Rich Pine
Rich pine is one of the best fire starters to have in a survival kit.

Rich pine, aka fat lighter, lighter knot, rich lighter, fat wood, heart pine, etc. are resinous pieces of wood found in the inner portions of dead pine trees, branches, stumps, etc. Even fallen and split portions of the trees are rich in these resinous or sap saturated strips of wood. One only need find a fallen or split pine or pine branch to then pull, snap, cut or chop these pieces into the strips needed for easy fire starting. These flammable strips of wood, which form somewhat naturally within the grain of the body and branches of a pine tree, can even be lit when wet! They are easy to carry and only a thin small strip is needed to get a fire going.

You can chop apart a pine tree stump for the flammable oil rich wood found in the core. When pine trees die the pine sap condenses in the core or innermost portions of the tree to form this pitch or pine sap enriched wood. This highly flammable wood makes a great addition to any survival kit.

Rich pine will burn under the most harsh conditions and rather easily. It will burn when wet or in a strong wind and makes starting a fire a simple process, especially if you have a good ignition source such as a lighter, fire piston or flint striker. Lighting a piece of rich pine will generate an excellent source of ignition for your kindling, which will take care of your smaller pieces of wood until you can get the larger logs on the fire and have a lasting, warm fire going.

While rich pine is primarily found in old pine stumps or logs, it can be found in the core of branches and logs of fir, birch and cedar trees as well as others.

For those who would rather have their rich pine gathered for them, you can find some excellent rich pine aka fat wood here:

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